Ourdream Vizslas
Perm Reg'd

Breeding Vizslas of sound mind and body since 2006.

At Ourdream we strive to produce dogs that conform to the breed standard in all ways, whether it be in the show ring, bird field or in the home. All of our dogs are health tested and titled in multiple venues before being added to our breeding program. Our dogs live with us in our home as beloved family members, and puppies are available occasionally to approved families. We take pride in producing dogs who are able to compete in many sports. Ourdream dogs have not only achieved titles in the show ring and bird field, but dogs we have bred or owned have also earned titles in tracking, sprinter, barn hunt, nosework, weight pull, lure coursing, tricks, rally obedience, the Canine Good Neighbour program and have been Therapy dogs.

"Life's too short to hunt with an ugly dog"